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Skillet On The Cover Of “Parent Life” Magazine

Husband and wife John and Korey Cooper are featured in April’s edition of Lifeway’s Parent Life magazine. Their interview and article centers around the parents’ day to day life with raising their 2 kids while on the road most of the year. Check out a portion of the article below.

“The good side is that I get to be with my kids all the time,” says John, Skillet’s lead singer/bassist and founding father. “The hard side is that they have an unusual schedule and are in a new place all the time.” But as with any job, when it comes to family life, it has its pros and cons. “In some ways, it’s not as much stability for them. But I don’t have to leave to go to work for 10 hours a day.” Wanting to remain the main influence throughout their kids’ formative years, Korey and John decided to bring education in-house. “We homeschool on the road. And by ‘we,’ I mean my wife,” the high-voltage frontman laughs. Along for the ride, his bride of 12-plus years can be seen exerting her alternative flair as the band’s keyboardist and contributing vocalist every night. But Mrs. Cooper’s daily appearances begin long before the stage is set. Like any other working mom, Korey has the family’s daily routine down to a science. “Being a singer, John needs sleep or he’ll lose his voice. So I have morning shift,” she says, which includes her daughter’s schooling. “We’ll all go to lunch together, then John will take the kids to the park for the afternoon. I get a break before we have dinner. Sometimes the kids come to the show. Sometimes they go to bed. It just depends what schedule has evolved from the road.”