Skillet In Top CCM Critic Picks For 2009, Agnew’s “Need” In Southern Beauty Magazine

Skillet’s Awake made CCM’s Andy Argyrakis’ top albums of 2009: “Yet another blockbuster that debuted at No. 2 on the entire Billboard charts. For Panheads and newcomers alike, it’s a sing-a-long from start to finish!” Alright!

Todd Agnew’s Need was also mentioned in Southern Beauty Magazine’s list of last minute stocking stuffers for this past Christmas: “A must buy is Todd Agnew’s powerful CD – NEED. Inspired by his recent life changes and learning experiences, Agnew’s new project is in a word…AWESOME! Awe-inspiring is more like it. Track two, “Written on the Wall,” and track 3, “I Need No Other” are my absolute favorites on the CD. I keep playing these two songs over and over again. I just can’t get enough!!”

Stay tuned for more details about Skillet’s upcoming spring tour!



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