smalltown poets

Creative writing and choir classmates in high school, Danny Stephens and Michael Johnston soon discovered two similar interests: a faith in Christ and a love for music, a bond which eventually birthed Smalltown Poets in 1996. In 1997 Ardent/Forefront Records released their eponymous debut which was produced by John Hampton (Gin Blossoms, Audio Adrenaline), garnered two #1 radio singles and was nominated for a Grammy.

Often compared to the musical style of the Gin Blossoms, the defining characteristic in each of the Poets’ song is their stunningly textural and candid lyrics.

Smalltown Poets (1997)
Listen Closely (1998)
Third Verse (2000)
It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been (BEC Recordings) (2004)

“Prophet, Priest, And King” Music Video
“There Is Only You” Music Video
“Firefly” Music Video