As teenagers in Phoenix, AZ brothers Jason and Sambo Moncivaiz and childhood friend Joey Avalos experienced the brokenness of distressed family relations and turned to the false support of drugs and alcohol. After their Father’s miraculous conversion to Christ, both Joey and the rest of the family also soon recognized that faith in Christ more than filled the void of emptiness and desperation in their lives.
Musically talented at a young age, their renewed faith inspired them to create music that would have a positive impact on people’s lives, while still maintaining its edge. In 1999 Justifide was born, whose aggressive sound of hard rock/rap-core/metal/reggae speaks to the heart of their generation with a spiritually impacting message.

Life Outside The Toybox (2001)
The Beauty Of The Unknown (2002)

Christian Rock Radio:
-#1 “Pointing Fingers” (The Beauty Of The Unknown)
-#1 “To Live” (The Beauty Of The Unknown)
-#2 “The Way” (Life Outside The Toybox)
-#3 “9 Out of 10” (Life Outside The Toybox)
-#4 “Our Little Secret” (Life Outside The Toybox)
Awards and Accolades:
-2001 Dove Nominations – Hard Music Recorded Song (“9 Out of 10”), Hard Music Album (Life Outside The Toybox)
-2001 R&R Top Christian Rock Impact Artists of 2001