Meeting in high school, Gabe Dunlap, John Sanders, and Philip Enzor never realized that their common passions would eventually merge together into a powerful music ministry. The result was a decade and a half of putting their hearts and talents out there for the world to see, not only through captivating live performances but also through compelling records such as their Ardent Records’ releases Brother’s Keeper and Cover Me. Each album infuses memorable pop melodies and intricate harmonies – a signature element from their very beginnings – which deliver a genuine message of hope, peace, and encouragement.

After Ardent’s time with the band, John Sanders formed the indie label, Training Union Records, which released the group’s 3rd album, Beyond Beautiful in 2006. He is also one of three partners of Premier Christian Cruises and along with Gabe Dunlap, co-founded and are directors of Camp Electric, a “rock ‘n’ roll” Christian music camp. Philip Enzor is the worship pastor at the Veritas Project church in Memphis, TN.

Brother’s Keeper (1999)
Cover Me (2002)
Beyond Beautiful (Training Union Records) (2006)

“I Saw Heaven” Music Video